Whale Watching Cruise (Half Day)

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Embark on this fantastic four-hour whale watching tour, departing from Fishermans Wharf in Monterey. You will be joined by a naturalist or marine biologist guide to help you learn about the many different species you may see on your trip out to sea. Whale spotting is possible all year round, but each season brings different species and experiences.

Summer is feeding season, where the amazing humpback, blue and fin whales are attracted to the abundance of food in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Spring will bring the northbound gray whales that are passing through Monterey Bay (including mums with new calves!) and this is also the peak time of year to spot the mighty orcas. Autumn brings a variety of dolphins, northern elephant seals, orcas and a few early gray whales, but when winter comes, so does the peak of the southbound gray whale migration (during the middle weeks of January) and many dolphin sightings, such as the pacific whitesided dolphin, northern right whale dolphins and occasionally, bottlenose dolphins.

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